Creating the Right Training Environment

The level at which my ELITE GROUP trains is usually very high. Their work-rate is typically the standard. Most, if not all, have already committed to play at the collegiate level, or have aspirations to do so. LAST NIGHT SOMETHING WAS MISSING!!!

A consistent pattern with a lot of Goalkeepers is their lack of communication, not only on the field, but in the training environment. This is important because how you interact in your environment , will not only determine how you or your team/training partners perform, but is also an important life skill off the soccer pitch.

EXAMPLE: How many times have you been on an elevator ride with complete strangers? Do you stare at your phone until you have reached your destination, or do you interact and possibly make that short time together a pleasant experience?

OUR CHALLENGE TO YOU: Watch the interaction, energy, and communication between the Goalkeepers throughout the session in the video below. CAN YOU EMULATE THIS EVERY TIME YOU TRAIN?

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