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putting your player in the goal and firing shots at them for an hour is training for strikers. Shot stopping is a critical skill for any keeper, but the modern game requires so much more of them. our training is designed to address every aspect of your players development, and will give them the tools to succeed no matter what their level or aspirations.

Pictured: AG30 Keeper Alaina W.
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Training with the Union


We want your player in the right environment to be challenged and successful. When you join AG30 we will start with an assessment of your player and get them into the group that's best for their development.


With our assessment done, your player is free to join their group at any available time / location. We offer multiple opportunities per week so your player gets the most out of their time with us and their team training.


As your player continues their training with us, we will regularly reflect on their progress, continue to assess their needs, and tailor their training as needed. When it's time for them to progress we will make that happen!


At AG30, our approach to development extends beyond the pitch. We regularly provide classroom content, offer video review sessions, and give your player opportunities to improve as both a keeper and a person.

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$ 50
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  • Choose any available time / location
  • Train when / where it works for you!
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$ 175 Monthly
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Choose any available time / location
  • No session tracking hassles
  • Train when / where it works for you!
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Session Pack

$ 320
  • 8 Sessions
  • Choose any available time / location
  • No time limit on session usage
  • Train when / where it works for you!

Holistic Training for Every Level

Looking for a safe, fun, but challenging environment for your player to develop? You’re in the right place! Our competitive sessions are focused on the technical fundamentals your player will need for as long as they play. In these sessions, you can expect your player to learn:

  • Basic athletic (“set”) positioning
  • Handling techniques
  • Footwork and touch techniques
  • Basic distribution
Our competitive sessions are best suited for younger keepers around the U9 to U11 age groups, and we will make sure your player is in the right environment to develop and succeed.

Take your training to the next level with our premier groups. These keepers are interested in enhancing their skill set to become more complete players. Our premier training sessions are dynamic, fast-paced, and fun! You can expect your player to learn:

  • Advanced handling techniques
  • Diving techniques
  • Dealing with crosses and flighted balls
  • Introduction to tactical situations (set pieces, PKs, etc.)
  • Advanced distribution and footwork
Our premier sessions are best suited for keepers around the U12 to U14 age groups, and we will conduct regular assessments of their progress as they train with us.

Looking for the best environment to prepare your player for the highest level of competition? Our elite groups are made up of keepers currently playing DA, ECNL, college, and even semi-pro. These sessions will ask the most of your player, while providing them with the feedback and skills they need to succeed at the highest level. Elite training is highly customized to the players involved and is invite only. Our staff will perform an initial assessment of your players skills and help place them in the right environment.

Technical training focuses on the specific physical movements, athletic responses, and skills needed to perform the tasks of being a goalkeeper. Technical training with AG30 starts from the ground up! We believe the modern goalkeeper is much more than a “shot stopper”; we train the techniques they will use with the ball in their hands and at their feet.
Tactical training focuses on scenarios, conditions, and situations that happen during match play. We address tactical training as part of our sessions by replicating common issues that keepers face and how to address them. We understand that tactical understanding takes time and matches which is why we also offer our Tactical Edge package as an add on. Get enhanced feedback on your player's tactical needs through video footage and analysis by our staff.
Psychological training for goalkeepers is immensely important and oft overlooked. The mental focus and skills required by the position are different than anyone else on the pitch and our staff understands that. As former goalkeepers, we help your player identify their needs psychologically and then give them guidance on how to address common issues like dealing with adversity, communication with their team and coaches, focus, and healthy self-assessment.
We play sports to have fun, and connect with people who love the same things we do. Our training sessions offer your player the chance to meet other keepers from around the area, develop new friendships, and learn from each other as much as they do from our staff. We believe that training should be challenging, but enjoyable and our feedback to your player will always be positive and encouraging.

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